Aluminium Enclosures vs Iron

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This document summarizes pros of the use of 1050 Al vs galvanized iron and other materials.

  • Why do we recommend manufacturing outdoor solutions in Aluminum?
  • Pros and Cos of Aluminum vs Galvanized Iron for outdoor telecom cabinets
  • Benefits of its use

Aluminium outdoor enclosures

These prefabricated aluminium enclosures have a solid construction that makes them resistant to weather and the elements, and their modern and attractive design makes them perfect for any outdoor area. In addition, these enclosures are easy to install and maintain, making them an excellent choice for outdoor use.

Why make aluminium outdoor enclosures? 

Heat resistance is one of the main advantages of aluminium in outdoor enclosures for equipment protection. Aluminium is a highly heat-resistant metal, which means that telecommunications enclosures constructed from aluminium can withstand extreme temperatures without being damaged. It is also a lightweight metal, making enclosures easy to move, connect and disconnect equipment. Aluminium is a durable material, perfect for resisting the wear and tear and abrasion that enclosures are subjected to outdoors. Aluminium is a non-magnetic metal, which makes it ideal for installation in areas with a high density of magnetic fields.

Aluminium is better than galvanised iron for several reasons. First, aluminium is much lighter than galvanised iron. This means that aluminium is much easier to handle and transport. In addition, aluminium is a more durable material than galvanised iron. This means that aluminium is much less prone to corrosion and rust, which makes it ideal for use in outdoor applications. Finally, aluminium is a cheaper material than galvanised iron, which means it is much more affordable for most users.

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