Data Center Infrastructure Management System

Modular monitored sites for telecommunication points of presence and datacenters.

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Data Center Management

BERRADE in collaboration with NDC SOLUTIONS designs and builds modules for telecommunications and IT sites for applications such as FTTH nodes, points of presence (PoPs), ILAs and Edge Computing (micro and modular datacenters). In addition, we offer data center infrastructure management services to ensure that our clients’ equipment and systems are running optimally and efficiently. We are committed to providing comprehensive and high-quality solutions for the telecommunications and IT needs of our clients.

More than 50 years of joint experience of both companies to offer to telecommunications and IT infrastructure operators, modular outdoor solutions with optimized enclosures for maximum energy efficiency and low PUE.

Modular monitored sites refer to the use of modular components for building and maintaining telecommunications points of presence (PoPs) and data centers. The idea is to have a flexible and scalable infrastructure that can be easily expanded, maintained, or reconfigured as needed. By having a monitored system in place, it helps to ensure the reliability, security, and performance of these critical components of a network.

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BERRADE sites are designed for future growth with minimal investment, incorporate unique cooling solution and sensorization platform for remote control and automation of operation and maintenance processes.

Inhouse integration of the electrical and air conditioning equipment of BERRADE’s modular solutions for PoPs, ILAs, Edge Computing, Data Center, etc., facilitates traceability, repeatability, and industrialization of production.

BERRADE uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation for module design, rack layout, and cooling element sizing and location to maximize the energy efficiency of the integrated modular solution.

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Data center enclosures can be managed in several ways:

  • Physical Management: This involves organizing the physical layout of the data center, including cable management, power distribution, and equipment placement.

  • Environmental Management: This involves monitoring and controlling the temperature, humidity, and airflow within the data center to ensure a safe and stable environment for the equipment.

  • Power Management: This involves managing the power supply and distribution within the data center to ensure efficient use of energy and prevent power outages.

  • Monitoring and Maintenance: This involves using tools and systems to monitor the health and performance of the data center equipment and perform routine maintenance as needed.

  • Security Management: This involves implementing security measures to protect the data center from unauthorized access, theft, or other security threats.

An effective data center management system should address all these areas to ensure the optimal performance and reliability of the data center equipment.

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FAQS about Modular Data Center Management

A modular data center is an IT infrastructure solution that is built in prefabricated modules in a factory. These modules are shipped to the deployment site and assembled to create a complete and functional data center.

There are several advantages to using a modular data center, including scalability, energy efficiency, fast deployment, and ease of management and maintenance.

Modular data centers are constructed in a factory using modular construction techniques. The prefabricated modules are assembled and tested before being shipped to the deployment site. On-site, the modules are placed and connected to create a complete data center.

When choosing a modular data center, it is important to consider scalability, energy efficiency, physical security, management capabilities, and technical support offered by the vendor.

PUE stands for “Power Usage Effectiveness” and is a metric used to measure the energy efficiency of a data center. The lower the PUE, the more energy-efficient the data center is. It is important because energy costs are a significant factor in data center operating costs, and energy efficiency can help reduce these costs.