Data Center Infrastructure Management System

Modular monitored sites for telecommunication points of presence and datacenters.

Telecom street cabinets

Data Center Management

BERRADE in collaboration with NDC SOLUTIONS designs and builds modules for telecommunications and IT sites for applications such as FTTH nodes, points of presence (PoPs), ILAs and Edge Computing (micro and modular datacenters).

More than 50 years of joint experience of both companies to offer to telecommunications and IT infrastructure operators, modular outdoor solutions with optimized enclosures for maximum energy efficiency and low PUE.

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System center data protection manager

BERRADE sites are designed for future growth with minimal investment, incorporate unique cooling solution and sensorization platform for remote control and automation of operation and maintenance processes.

Inhouse integration of the electrical and air conditioning equipment of BERRADE’s modular solutions for PoPs, ILAs, Edge Computing, Data Center, etc., facilitates traceability, repeatability, and industrialization of production.

BERRADE uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation for module design, rack layout, and cooling element sizing and location to maximize the energy efficiency of the integrated modular solution.

Building management system data center

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