Centralization of remote infrastructure: RMM Solutions

Soluciones RMM

What does an RMM solution offer?

Achieving effectiveness as a service provider or company can be a challenge when managing a fleet of remote network devices, especially as the organization grows and deploys more devices, which requires more engineers to support them.

This leads to a series of inconveniences that make this task difficult and costly because problem-solving is rarely successful or timely. Overall costs increase due to infrastructure expansion and the need to efficiently document and store the increased data flow. It’s also challenging to maintain all devices, both old and new, operational and equally secure.

Much of the inefficiency caused by the lack of supervision and management leads to spikes in operating and capital expenses, as well as energy use. Therefore, it’s essential to understand how much can be saved on energy costs by implementing an RMM solution.

RMM solutions for businesses: maximum control and incident resolution

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is the process of collecting data from remote assets to evaluate performance levels and perform various management tasks without interrupting their operations. Immediate remote access to these devices significantly increases uptime, minimizes downtime, and ensures consistent performance and business continuity for service providers.

BERRADE incorporates Galooli’s remote management and control (RMM) solutions into its integrations, which offer precise and centralized monitoring, increased efficiency for teams, better incident response and business continuity, and synchronization of sites and assets that eliminate the need for on-site technicians.

Which companies benefit from RMM solutions?

Companies that can benefit from centralized remote infrastructure include:

  • Service provider facilities
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sites
  • Factories/Manufacturing facilities
  • Power plants
  • Smart Cities/Buildings
  • Fleets (road vehicles)
  • Campus business operations
  • Home/personal use
  • Military/government use

From the comfort of their workplace, the organization can optimize their site and assets and minimize risk and downtime. RMM solutions also reduce overall expenses by virtually eliminating the need to travel to diagnose and solve problems at remote endpoints.

More information in Galooli: remote monitoring and management.


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