Energy Efficiency in Data Centers (DC)

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The increasing dependence on data centers to continuously store and analyze critical business data has led to a significant rise in their numbers. As a result, the total energy consumption has skyrocketed, which directly impacts the outcomes, not only in economic terms but also in terms of productivity.

The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) index is used to measure and understand the energy efficiency of data centers, and it is directly related to the total energy consumption of the data center and the energy consumption of the IT infrastructure. In other words, it is based on the relationship between the energy consumption of servers, storage devices, and networks in the data center, and the total consumption of all infrastructures, mainly cooling systems. The ideal value for PUE would be 1, which would mean that every consumed kilowatt is solely used to power the servers, without any losses for cooling or other purposes. Although this value cannot be achieved in practice, a management system has been implemented to approach PUE values that are aggressively required in the current energy-saving and carbon footprint minimization situation.


Custom solutions in data centers

BERRADE integrates Galooli’s customized solutions into your company or facility. Galooli’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution enables remote management of Data Centers. It can be directly integrated into existing equipment without additional sensors, even within existing data flows. These systems provide customers with access to all the information they need to monitor their PUE and make necessary adjustments to their electrical system through live updates. By proactively monitoring the data center’s PUE, organizations can provide their customers with information on how to improve sustainability and energy efficiency. Today, monitoring carbon emissions, analyzing energy consumption, and improving energy efficiency are essential missions to take care of our world and the people who use it.


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