Energy Efficiency Regulations in Spain

Energy Efficiency Regulations in Spain

In Spain, energy efficiency regulations play a crucial role in effective energy management. One of the fundamental pillars is the National System of Energy Efficiency Obligations (SNOEE), which aims to regulate energy savings efficiently.

The Energy Saving Certificates System (SCE)

The Energy Saving Certificates System (SCE) was established as an alternative to the National Energy Efficiency Fund (FNEE). This system provides obligated parties with greater flexibility to achieve their final energy savings goals through the implementation of energy efficiency measures. The SCE aligns with the European Energy Efficiency Directive for the period 2021-2030 and expands the range of recognized actions by including savings generated by private entities.

Energy Saving Certificates (CAEs)

Energy Saving Certificates (CAEs), issued by the National Accreditation Body, represent the energy savings achieved through the implementation of energy efficiency measures. These certificates are generated through investments that reduce energy consumption in facilities or processes and can be traded in the market.

Generation and Acquisition of CAEs

CAEs can be generated by any individual or entity that invests in energy efficiency and can be acquired by those who have obligations in terms of energy efficiency. CAEs act as an incentive to encourage investment in energy efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption and energy bills. They also contribute to compliance with energy efficiency regulations and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by financing energy efficiency projects.

Promoting Energy Efficiency

Both the SCE and CAEs actively promote energy efficiency by enabling the achievement of savings goals and emissions reductions. These flexible instruments engage obligated parties and private entities in the pursuit of greater energy efficiency and sustainable resource management.

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