Energy Intelligence: AI at the service of Energy

inteligencia artificial

The artificial intelligence used in energy management systems will help us simplify tasks and provide better service to our customers. By freeing ourselves from these tedious tasks, we can devote more time to value creation activities and help customers achieve their energy-saving goals.

The use of energy management platforms makes it possible to:

  • Digitize information to improve competitiveness. The advantage of using it is to store, process, and manage data in a faster and more cost-effective manner. Furthermore, if we decide to adopt innovative technologies and new ways of doing things, the organization will become even more attractive in a competitive and increasingly volatile market.
  • Predictive analysis for better decision-making. We rely on advanced technology to simplify decision-making and enhance the customer experience by combining technology with energy management tools such as management platforms. Predictive analysis forecasts utilize historical data collected from customer sites and our databases to identify key areas for performance improvement, reduce operational costs, and extend the lifespan of facility equipment.
  • Resource management to reduce energy costs. With implemented predictive analysis techniques, we can benefit from more efficient resource management driven by artificial intelligence. We will be able to accurately forecast demand and better allocate human and technical resources. We will also be capable of anticipating potential issues and directing resources where they are most needed. This will enable us to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Customer retention. With energy management systems, we can use stored data and leverage AI components to predict and provide better services to our customers. Furthermore, today’s customers expect a highly personalized user experience, so with these management systems, we can utilize artificial intelligence to anticipate potential problems and take a proactive approach.

For these reasons and considering these advantages, BERRADE incorporates Galooli’s energy monitoring and remote control solution into its facilities, which helps maximize the energy efficiency of our installation and control energy waste.


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