What is Renewable Energy Management?

renewal energy management

Sustainable energy management is a process in which an organization directs its energy consumption towards alternative renewable resources. This is achieved by proactively monitoring energy sources to ensure they operate at maximum efficiency and minimize inefficiencies.

Organizations begin to change their practices to achieve the best environmental and economic performance, and to do so, they develop and implement a specific sustainability strategy for their facilities. They identify sustainable technologies and energy practices that are appropriate and applicable to their situation.

Renewal Energy Management

Companies have the chance to enhance energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and unnecessary maintenance, all while lowering their overall carbon footprint. As global energy demand is expected to double in the coming decades, companies, especially those in the IT and service provider sectors, need to constantly monitor and manage their activities.

BERRADE incorporates solutions for energy management in its telecom equipment from a global leader; “Galooli,” which provides remote knowledge, management, and administration of energy solutions.

These solutions are compatible with a wide range of energy sources, including fuel cells, wind, solar, grid, and lead/lithium-ion batteries. Monitoring these energy sources is essential for the continuous, smooth, and efficient operation of networked and remote equipment and devices.


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