Energy Effiency

eficiencia energética en telecomunicaciones

Energy Efficiency solutions for business

Thanks to our alliance with Galooli, our solutions for sites integrate the latest technologies aimed at increasing their energy efficiency and achieving significant telco energy savings.

Remote monitoring and management platform, independent of technologies and vendors, that allows monitoring, analyzing and optimizing the performance of your telecommunications facilities, sites, and cabinets.

With Galooli’s expertise in energy efficiency and telco energy savings, we can provide our clients with the tools and knowledge to reduce their energy consumption and operating costs while maintaining optimal performance.

BERRADE provides the tools to maximize the energy efficiency while ensuring infrastructure availability, saving costs and reducing carbon footprint.

Benefits of Energy Optimization

To ensure that your generator is properly installed, uses the right voltage, runs efficiently, and is not suffering from overuse, our Generator Monitoring Module tracks a wide variety of KPIs including voltage, time in use, fuel use, efficiency, carbon emissions, and more.

To ensure that energy assets maintain their performance and efficiency over time, a little outside help is needed. Our Battery Monitoring product allows you to track your batteries’ performance and usage metrics – state of health, state of charge, voltage, usage duration, and more – foreshadowing maintenance needs and drastically reducing downtime. 

Galooli’s Network Operating Center (NOC) is a comprehensive alarm management solution that displays real-time, relevant alarms, granting stakeholders immediate visibility into any malfunctions or errant events in remote assets and facilities. The NOC is capable of displaying and sorting alarms by their severity, to ensure that those that need priority are displayed and taken care of accordingly. With an easy-to-navigate map overlay display and the ability to be fully integrated into your organization’s ticketing system, industrial organizations are better able to identify where problems are physically located, decide on resource allocation and prioritization, and take timely action 

An integrated platform that consolidates energy consumption information for multiple tenants and offers efficient management capabilities and smart billing

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FAQS about telco energy savings facilities, sites and cabinets

Energy efficiency in telecom facilities, sites, and cabinets refers to the ability of these systems to operate using the least amount of energy possible, while still providing reliable and high-quality services.

Some energy-efficient solutions for telecom facilities, sites, and cabinets include using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, implementing cooling systems that use free air cooling or liquid cooling, and utilizing energy-efficient power systems such as DC power supplies and power inverters.

Energy efficiency in existing telecom facilities, sites, and cabinets can be improved by conducting energy audits to identify areas where energy consumption can be reduced, replacing outdated equipment with more energy-efficient alternatives, and implementing energy management systems that monitor and optimize energy use.

The benefits of energy efficiency for telecom facilities, sites, and cabinets include reduced operating costs, improved reliability and service quality, reduced environmental impact, and improved brand reputation as a socially responsible company.

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