Electrical outdoor enclosure

Specialist in electrical outdoor enclosure solutions.

Outdoor electrical enclosure solutions

BERRADE, with 30 years of experience, is a specialist in outdoor enclosure solutions for energy network communications and incorporates sensorization for the monitoring of remote unattended enclaves.

The transformation and evolution of traditional TDM networks to IP networks require flexible and secure outdoor and indoor telecommunication equipment, which guarantee migration without service interruptions.

Solar and wind generation facilities must communicate with the electricity grid from remote, unassisted locations.

Ask about outdoor electrical enclosure cabinets for monitoring solutions to support predictive maintenance

Mechanical<br> Protection


Lower weight
Greater resistance
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Double wall enclosure
  • +20 years installed and working


No condensation
Dust tight
  • IP 55 IP 65

  • Unique internal design to facilitate airflow 

  • Monitoring and automation for smart  deployment and  maintenance

Thermal<br> Control


Greater isolation
Forced ventilation
Air conditioning management systems
  • Free-cooling
  • Smart power equipment
  • TEC for battery cubicle cooling 
  • Double filled insulating wall (XPS)
Energy <br>management


Longer duration
Higher performance
Lower consumption
  • Berrade thermal control system efficiently manages energy consumption
  • Smart rectifiers
  • Remote monitoring of critical parameters for  “enclosure-health” constant evaluation

Electrical outdoor enclosure

In extreme environments, your company has to make sure you’re monitoring all the equipment. Due to the higher risk of breaking because of the weather, you will need a monitoring system that can report the status equipment. 

By placing your equipment in an outdoor enclosure, you’ll be able to protect your equipment from the environment. Our electrical outdoor enclosures solutions are built to withstand extreme environmental conditions, been waterproof and free-cooling using smart power equipments.

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