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Telecommunications equipment supplier

BERRADE is a Spanish company, founded in 1992. BERRADE is a leading telecommunications equipment supplier, providing cutting-edge solutions to businesses and organizations around the world.

With a comprehensive range of products and services, we specialize in delivering reliable and high-quality telecommunications equipment that enables our clients to stay connected and communicate seamlessly. 

We design and manufacture indoor and outdoor cabinets for the telecommunications networks of telco, electricity, rail, traffic companies, etc.

In the telecommunication equipment industry Berrade provides infrastructure solutions as cabinet telecommunication equipment.

Custom telecommunications equipment supplier

We design lightweight and safe outdoor cabinets, made of aluminum and/or steel, which adapt to the needs of each project and the environment, and guarantee the temperature and tightness of the space for effective communication.

Our indoor and outdoor cabins, located on railway tracks or highways, are designed to ensure critical voice and data communications in harsh environments for reliable, safe and sustainable transport.

 Our outdoor cabins located in solar and wind generation facilities are ideal for communications of energy networks and incorporate a sensorization for the monitoring of unassisted remote enclaves.

We build the technical environment that protects your telecommunications equipment from the harshest environmental conditions

Lower weight
Greater resistance
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Double wall enclosure
  • +20 years installed and working
No condensation
Dust tight
  • IP55, IP65
  • Unique internal design to facilitate airflow
  • Monitoring and automation for smart deployment and maintenance
Greater isolation
Forced ventilation
Air conditioning management systems
  • Free-cooling
  • Thermal control developed by Berrade (Berrade thermal control system)
  • TEC for battery cubicle cooling 
  • Double filled insulating wall (XPS)
Longer duration
Higher performance
Lower consumption
  • Berrade thermal control system efficiently manages energy consumption
  • Smart power equipment
  • Remote monitoring of critical parameters for “enclosure-health” constant evaluation

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FAQS Berrade

We work mainly for the telecommunications, transport and energy sectors. If you are looking for enclosures for other applications, please ask for more information by emailing berrade@berrade.com.

BERRADE has an experienced design team that works closely with OEM and operator engineering teams to develop tailor-made solutions to ensure network availability in mission-critical communications and complex service conditions.

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