Cabinets for different sectors

Indoors and outdoors cabins to guarantee the best environment for your electronic equipment

Berrade in other sectors

BERRADE provides enclosure, sensorized, heated and resistant solutions for applications such as:

  • Digital signage and signage in shopping centers and street furniture
  • Peak / nano cell envelopes for private 5G deployments
  • Edge computing

The solutions are 100% preconfigured in our integration room, to minimize time and risks in their final installation.

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Lower weight
Greater resistance
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Double wall enclosure
  • +20 years installed and working
No condensation
Dust tight
  • IP55 maximum…
  • Unique louver design to favor indoor airflows
  • Sensitization
Greater isolation
Forced ventilation
Air conditioning management systems
  • Free-cooling
  • Thermal control developed by Berrade (Berrade thermal control system)
  • TEC for battery cubicle cooling 
  • Double filled insulating wall (XPS)
Longer duration
Higher performance
Lower consumption
  • Berrade thermal control system efficiently manages energy consumption
  • Smart rectifiers
  • Sensorization for continuous monitoring of critical parameters

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