What is a telecommunication rack cabinet?

armario rack de telecomunicaciones

In telecom installations, the telecommunication rack cabinet or communications rack is a necessary element consisting of a simple and sturdy metal structure whose function is to house computer equipment, electronic and communication equipment. It is the place where all the elements of the wiring system centralization are located, and where the active network equipment and other elements such as electrical support, guides, and patch cords are located, which allows us to organize all telecommunications systems.

For telecommunication rack cabinet, the dimensions are standardized, with the aim that any equipment that we install (switches, routers, NAS servers, UPS) are compatible and we do not have any problems, so that they are compatible with any equipment regardless of the manufacturer.

What are telecommunications rack cabinets used for?

In a typical arrangement of a communications cabinet, the following elements are usually found: a UPS, a router, the connection panel, sometimes a monitor and keyboard, a tape backup unit, the server CPU, a disk array, and a power strip. But one of the most important elements is the server, to which modular patch cords, connection cables, outlets, channels, or labels are added.

A telecommunication rack cabinet also contains electronic components of the data network such as hubs, switches, bridges, and other necessary devices.

All equipment inside a cabinet will require some type of power cable, network cable, fiber optic cable, and other possible cables. Therefore these cables can go from the equipment to a power source, to other elements of the rack or cabinet, or outside of it to another area to connect with each other.

Designed for the telecommunications industry, our cabinets can be deployed in harsh outdoor environments, both rural and residential. Without forgetting the arrangement and design of the panel and the need for environmental conditioning (cooling and heating). For electronics to survive in an outdoor enclosure, temperature control is usually required.

Regarding telecommunications installations, they must always be carried out by professionals. Since they require specific knowledge, given the importance of safety in carrying them out. In this way, we develop custom telecommunications projects, as well as monitoring and maintaining them to ensure the best results.

Telecommunications cabinet for outdoor use

The telecommunications cabinet for outdoor use is designed to keep the enclosed equipment safe, regardless of how harsh the conditions are. At BERRADE, our outdoor cabinets are designed and manufactured to provide a degree of protection against rain, snow, ice and dust. It is suitable in a remote location where cabinet can withstand the harshest weather and wind conditions, even without supervision for a longer time. From moisture, temperature fluctuations, sunlight to extreme conditions such as resistance to seawater or earthquake resistance through protection against vandalism.

In addition, our rack cabinets use are suitable for various applications, such as public works, traffic, telecommunications, electric substations, wind and solar parks…


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