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Street enclosures systems for transport

Mission critical communications for transportation infrastructure operators (railways, road traffic, metro, etc) are an important element in the security and the reliability of vital services.

Our portfolio includes smart connected cabinets and sites for GSM-Railways, FRMCS, TETRA systems, as well as mobility solutions for public transport and critical facilities.

BERRADE solutions are oriented to maximize energy efficiency while providing a long-lasting reliable solution for telecommunication equipments

Smart connected site & cabinet technologies developed by BERRADE and third parties, help dedicated mission critical communication operators develop comprehensive operational programs such as status-based and predictive maintenance.

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Other Sectors

Specializing in the design and manufacturing of telecommunications cabinets, our product range serves a wide variety of sectors, including telecommunications, electricity, railway, and traffic, among others.

Exterior telecommunications cabinets are designed to meet the challenges of the telco sector by providing lightweight, safe, and highly durable solutions.

Our telecommunications cabinets have become an essential component in the energy sector, particularly in solar and wind power installations.

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FAQS Street Enclosures

Our street enclosures´designs are structures designed to house and protect outdoor telecommunications equipment. These enclosures are typically rugged and resistant to extreme weather and weathering, and are designed to protect equipment from moisture, dust and dirt, as well as vandalism and theft. Outdoor telecommunications enclosures are commonly used in wide area network (WAN), local area network (LAN) and data transmission network applications, and are installed in public places such as roads, parks and public buildings.

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