Live Control of Energy Efficiency

control en vivo eficiencia energetica
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Berrade incorporates Galooli’s energy monitoring and management solutions, Galooli Live, into its telecommunications cabinet integrations, which provide users with data storage options while standardizing the collected information. This solutions improve the live control of energy efficiency. Real-time data analysis can detect imminent failure patterns early, avoiding catastrophic failures. Intelligent energy usage analysis helps us make faster decisions to improve operations, seize opportunities, and reduce risks. Galooli’s solution includes customizable regular reports and real-time automated notifications to stakeholders to create a predictive maintenance strategy that goes beyond reactive, preventive, and proactive care. The platform is capable of creating real-time logical alerts based on customer demand and provides users with the controls they need to create instant alerts. Anticipating potential incidents and infrastructure failures and predicting the lifespan of various system components is an effective tool for decision-making while ensuring 24/7 data availability. 
Source: Galooli
Galooli’s real-time map views of assets and remote sites and real-time alerts on site errors and events allow infrastructure managers to track the performance of individual assets and sites, as well as the entire network, and make critical decisions while always being aware of behavioral anomalies or possible site errors. For more information, visit:                                        



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