BERRADE presents its advanced solutions recently installed to enhance digital advertising in shopping centers

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Our approach is based on offering high-quality, technologically advanced products specifically designed to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions. We seek innovation and adaptability, striving to provide advanced solutions that improve brand presence and the shopping experience for customers in shopping centers.

Recently, we have undertaken an improvement project in a shopping center in the northern area of Madrid with double-screen MUPI. These screens offer a larger display surface, allowing the playback of dynamic and appealing advertising content that captures visitors’ attention. Furthermore, our screens are equipped with advanced sensing and climate control technology, enabling them to automatically adapt to environmental conditions and ensure optimal performance at any time of the day.

At BERRADE, we provide advanced solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and durability. The solutions are 100% preconfigured in our integration room to minimize time and risks during their final installation.

Our commitment, focused on excellence and innovation, has positioned our company as a reliable choice for shopping centers looking to revitalize and modernize their digital advertising media, thereby optimizing their visual communication and enhancing the impact of their promotional messages.

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