What is the centralization of remote infrastructure?

Remote Infrastructure Centralization
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Remote Infrastructure Centralization

Overcoming challenges such as uptime, continuity, fault detection/mitigation, and operational costs associated with remote sites and their operations and performance takes time and requires a way to organize and present remote infrastructure in a centralized location.

Galooli’s Site Management solution provides holistic visibility of each remote site and asset, including their performance and any potential faults that may occur.

BERRADE incorporates Galooli’s Site Management solution into its cabinets, ensuring greater efficiency, control, and security of its solutions. Remote monitoring of facilities, with the advantages this entails for companies in resource management and greater sustainability.

Site management solutions include comprehensive access control monitoring capabilities, antenna lights for telecommunications sites, security cameras, generators, and other assets.

In the event of an accidental or forced entry or a disruption detected by our extensive sensor network, real-time alerts are implemented to ensure incidents are resolved quickly and effectively.

centralización del control de infraestructuras




One of the main benefits of remote infrastructure centralization is the reduction of operational costs. By consolidating all technological resources in one place, maintenance and management expenses that would be incurred if there were multiple locations are eliminated.

What technologies can be used for remote infrastructure centralization?

Here are three types of technologies:

  • Virtual servers Software
  • Defined networks (SDN)
  • Cloud storage

What types of companies can benefit?

Any company that has technology resources distributed across multiple locations can benefit from remote infrastructure centralization. By consolidating all technological resources in one place, operational costs can be reduced, and maintenance and management expenses associated with multiple locations can be eliminated. This solution can be particularly beneficial for companies with remote sites and operations that require reliable uptime, continuity, fault detection/mitigation, and reduced operating costs.

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