The Hidden Costs of Data Storage: Berrade-Galooli Alliance

almacenamiento de datos

The use of data centers (CPDs) for data storage and analysis is widespread. The exponential growth in Data Storage demand has led to a significant increase in their numbers and, consequently, in overall energy consumption. This tremendous growth conceals operational costs that are not always visible to organizations.

The environmental impact of data centers

Data centers are responsible for 3% of global energy consumption and emit a similar amount of carbon globally. Many of these data centers operate at considerably lower temperatures than necessary, thereby generating a constant increase in energy costs and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Remote monitoring solutions for energy efficiency

In this context, the alliance between BERRADE and Galooli plays a crucial role. Galooli, a leader in remote analysis and sensing solutions focused on energy efficiency, has partnered with Berrade to address these challenges comprehensively. Galooli provides real-time sensing solutions paired with powerful software platforms that analyze, report, manage, and optimize the energy performance of the infrastructures where they are deployed.

We collect data on energy consumption, temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters. This data is transmitted and processed in real-time, allowing organizations to identify areas of energy inefficiency and proactively take corrective measures.


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