Cutting-edge Technology: advanced solutions for modular and micro edge data centers

Modular and Micro Edge Data Center Solutions
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BERRADE and Galooli join forces to provide advanced remote monitoring and management solutions for data centers. The integrated Galooli solution in Modular Data Centers and Micro Edge Data Centers offers customers.

Modular and Micro Edge Data Center Solutions


1.Analysis and Predictive Models: Thanks to its advanced analysis capabilities, Galooli‘s solution provides administrators with predictive information on asset performance, enabling them to anticipate issues and plan effectively.

2.Real-Time Monitoring: Administrators can access live views of asset performance, ensuring constant uptime and swift response to abnormal events.

3.Remote Asset Management: Energy assets, such as generators, networks, and backup batteries, can be controlled and managed remotely, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the need for physical interventions on-site.

4.Infrastructure Supervision: The solution allows real-time monitoring of PDU inputs and outputs, along with continuous HVAC equipment monitoring to ensure an optimal environment for equipment and systems.

5.Energy Utilization Tracking: Administrators can perform detailed energy usage tracking and uptime analysis based on energy sources, facilitating the identification of areas for improvement and optimization.

6.Fuel Usage and Level Tracking: The solution provides real-time information on fuel usage and supply levels, facilitating proactive resource management and avoiding unnecessary interruptions.

The implementation of Galooli‘s RMM solution has provided significant results for customers:

  • Comprehensive real-time visibility of data center energy usage and performance.
  • Live updates on voltage, current, KwH, availability, and usage time.
  • Automation and remote management of operations and processes, reducing the need for physical site visits and simplifying maintenance.

The BERRADE and Galooli alliance is a sure bet for companies seeking to stay at the forefront of technology and achieve excellence in their modular data centers and micro edge environments, providing an invaluable competitive edge in the current technological landscape.



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