Advertising MUPIs: the perfect fusion of tradition and technology for success

mupi publicitario

Advertising MUPIs, also known as posters or advertising columns, stand out as strategically located vertical structures in high traffic areas, such as busy roads, squares, shopping centers, and areas near public transport stations. These structures, commonly equipped with lighting, display meticulously designed graphic advertisements to capture the attention of passersby and nearby audiences.

The relevance of MUPIs in the digital era

  • Local reach and geotargeting: In contrast to online advertising targeting global audiences, MUPIs represent an invaluable tool for reaching local communities, allowing local businesses and retailers to maximize their advertising impact in their area of influence.
  • Continuous exposure: Unlike digital ads, MUPIs offer constant exposure that cannot be ignored or blocked, giving them a significant advantage by allowing advertising messages to impact the audience for longer periods.
  • Brand reinforcement: MUPIs are effectively used to reinforce a brand’s presence in the minds of consumers, in conjunction with digital campaigns, creating a synergistic effect that strengthens brand image and enhances recognition.
  • Striking visual creativity: Visual creativity plays a crucial role in successful advertising, and MUPIs provide a creative canvas for designers and advertisers, allowing them to create striking ads that effectively capture attention.
  • Physical and digital interaction: Modern MUPIs often incorporate QR codes and contact details to allow consumers to interact directly with the brand or product through their mobile devices, creating a strong bridge between the physical and digital worlds.
  • Measurement and tracking: Although measuring the effectiveness of outdoor advertising is not as straightforward as online, there are methods to evaluate the impact of MUPIs, such as tracking sales in nearby areas, using QR codes, and observing audience response to measure ROI.

Technology in advertising MUPIs

Over the years, advertising MUPIs have evolved technologically, adopting features such as:

    • LED screens and video: Many modern MUPIs use LED screens that allow the playback of video content and animations, increasing the dynamics of outdoor advertising and attracting more audience attention.
    • Internet connectivity: Internet connectivity enables real-time updating of content on MUPIs, especially valuable for ads promoting events, special offers, or constantly changing products, allowing advertisers to instantly modify their messages remotely.
    • Use of QR codes and NFC: These elements facilitate interaction of passersby with ads through their mobile devices, scanning codes for more information or access to special offers, facilitating the transition from the physical to the digital world.
    • Audience detection sensors: Some MUPIs incorporate sensors that collect data on the demographics of people passing by, valuable information for measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and optimizing future strategies.
  • Lighting and light sensors: Lighting in MUPIs ensures that ads are visible even in low light conditions, with some equipped with sensors that automatically adjust the intensity of lighting according to ambient conditions.

Integration with digital advertising strategies

The importance of MUPIs in the context of digital advertising is highlighted by their ability to complement and enhance online strategies, considering key aspects such as:

    • Geolocation and local customization: Geolocation technology allows advertisers to tailor their message to specific locations, which is valuable for local promotions or event-based campaigns.
    • Data analysis for optimization: Despite the challenges of measuring the effectiveness of outdoor advertising compared to online, various techniques such as traceable QR codes and audience sensors can collect valuable data to assess return on investment (ROI) and adjust advertising strategies.
  • Omnichannel integration: Data collected through MUPIs can contribute to the segmentation and customization of digital campaigns, forming part of a cohesive advertising strategy that is deployed across multiple channels.


Advertising MUPIs represent a unique fusion of traditional advertising and advanced technology. Their ability to offer dynamic visual content, interaction with mobile devices, and real-time adaptation makes them a valuable tool in today’s marketing strategy. Their potential to reach local audiences, reinforce the brand, and complement digital strategies remains undeniable amidst the constant technological and analytical evolution.


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