Berrade in Automate Camp by Tower Automation Alliance

Tower Automation Alliance SmartCities Camp

BERRADE was present at the Automate Camp the last 21th of September in Madrid. The Spanish capital hosted this important event, under the title ‘Smart Cities. Is telecom infrastructure ready?’, organized by the Tower Automation Alliance (TAA) in which Berrade, together with a large group of experts of the main players of the industry, was one of the active participants as specialists in solutions for the integration of technologies in telecom infrastructures. Berrade contributed his vision and experience for a suitable development in a new environment such as the ‘Smart Cities’.

Rubén Gil, Commercial Director of Berrade, highlighted the characteristics and versatility of our customized designs stand out how they adapt to the complex needs of the new environments where they have to be integrated.

Mimicry, aesthetics, integration into friendly, non-invasive elements or intrusive, among others were some of the points emphasized as relevant in their designs for these new infrastructures that Berrade emphasized.

Berrade’s participation at the Madrid Automate Camp reflects our commitment to innovation and efficiency energy and our contribution to the search for technological solutions that improve the efficiency and intelligence of our cities.


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