Berrade will participate at the next edition of the Madrid Automate Camp 2023

Berrade - Automate Camp
  • The company will participate in a round table with other industry leaders to discuss telecommunications infrastructure and its preparation for the deployment of smart cities

Berrade will participate on September 21th in the next edition of the Madrid Automate Camp, organized by Tower Automation Alliance in the Spanish capital. The event focuses on the technological challenges facing TowerCos together with institutions and agents from the telecommunications sector dedicated to implementing solutions for smart cities.

Berrade will be one of the speakers of a round table. Here the companies will talk about this question: Are the telecommunications infrastructures ready for the deployment of the Smart Cities? In addition, other reputable companies such as Hybrico, Shapemaker, Staex, Modi or Gave will also participate.

In his speech, Berrade will explain the new challenges for the infrastructures involved in the development and implementation of all the electronics necessary for the smart cities to be possible in environments close to the user. This explanation will stand out the solutions mimicked with spaces unifying in urban furniture or traditional use with the integration of all the technologies necessary for its optimal operation, among others.

Some examples of developments, technologies and integrated services will also be presented during the conference. In addition, Berrade will contribute its vision of the evolution of infrastructure elements in collaboration with the companies responsible for network deployments.


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